Once in a Blue Moon

While you all were asleep on January 31, 2018 I was not asleep. I loaded up my camera gear drove to Arriba Vista and up to the cell towers. I was all set up before 2am and ready for the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse.

  • Super because the moon would be closer to earth than usual.
  • Blue because that is what the moon is called when there are two full moons in one month.
  • Blood because the Earth’s shadow would appear red on the moon.

It wasn’t real cold, about 39-40 degrees, but the constant 15-20 mile an hour wind blowing in my face was tiring. It wasn’t until after 5am that the eclipse started to get some color.

This photo was taken at 5:39am.

Super Moon Partial Eclipse

This photo was taken at 5:53am. Close enough to perfect for me.

Then I noticed that my Pickup was all wet, my camera gear was all wet and so was my clothing. That mean wind was bringing the wet in from somewhere. I dried my camera gear, loaded up and headed to Mission Coffee Roasting for some caffeine and warmth.