Moon Over Arriba Vista

Photos and Story by Charles Hernandez
At 12:30am on October 8, 2014, while you slept snug in your beds, I was at Arriba Vista.
Up at the cell site it was cold with a 20-25 mile an hour wind blowing through the light
jacket I took to do this photo shoot. I hope you enjoy my suffering to get these photos.

Here is the beautiful full moon photo taken at 12:48am. Being above the city lights helps with the clarity of the photos.

At 2:21am the Lunar Eclipse is getting started.
Lunar Eclipse

At 2:42am the earth’s shadow seams to be moving fast.

At 3:22am the moon takes on the much sought after reddish color for this years eclipse.

At 3:51am we get the maximum eclipse for our latitude and longitude position.moon6

At 4:39am the moon is moving out of the earth’s shadow. As far as I’m concerned the eclipse os over and I head home for a nap.moon7