Compost: The Scoop on Poop!!


5In case you missed it on Facebook, Arribavista Ranch began offering free compost several months ago!! This compost makes for a very rich soil additive for your garden. Our compost is made up of pine shavings, rice hulls, and, of course, horse manure. You will also find leftover hay, alfalfa and orchard grass in the unprocessed materials. Once processed, the compost is clean, odor free and ready to mix into your flower or vegetable beds, pots, etc. The best part is that everything from what goes in, how it’s processed, and what comes out is completely natural!!

So, what is the Scoop on Poop??

For horse people, manure is part of day-to-day life. For people who do not have experience with horses, manure can appear dirty and even toxic. Here are a few facts about manure to ease your minds!!

– Horse manure is 70-80% liquid and 20-30% solids. The liquid portion absorbs quickly into the ground. The majority of the solid portion—mostly grass and forage leavings—breaks down in the first 6 days.
– Horse manure is biodegradable, natural and contains no petroleum or animal byproducts.
– Horse manure is an excellent fertilizer and can improve soil conditions.
– There are no known toxic effects on humans due to exposure to horse manure.
– The EPA excluded horse manure from solid waste regulation because it contains neither significant amounts of hazardous materials nor exhibits hazardous characteristics.
– Horses do not carry any of the 120 viruses and pathogens that create risk for humans from carnivore and omnivore species.
– The pathogens that do exist in horse leavings require ingestion to create a health risk, typically abdominal discomfort.
– Most of the pathogens have a very short lifespan on the ground; the risk of infection through ingestion is very limited.
– No record exists of horses transmitting any disease to humans.

–from the March-April 2014 issue of America’s Horse; page 46

See also the Equine Land Conservation Resource, 

Please feel free to bring bags, pickup trucks or trailers to take advantage of this opportunity!! Friends and family are welcome as well!