Charlie’s Corner: The Choctaw Ponies


In our wanderings to photograph wildlife, my friend Marilyn and I often come across interesting subjects. Such is the case when I went to Texas to see Marilyn this June.
She had heard about some wild horses in south east Oklahoma and we went wandering to find them and photograph them.


About 2 hours north of Marilyn’s home in Texas we stopped and asked a fellow on a cattle ranch if he knew anything about wild horses, he said no. Next we stopped at a church in a small town, a wide spot on a country road really. There was a lady setting up some fun games for vacation Bible school. I asked her if she knew anything about wild horses in the area, she said yes and took me into the office where her husband, son and nephew were remodeling the small kitchen. She left me to chat with her family and she went to find a phone number. She was back in a few minutes with the name and phone number of the man who owns most of the Choctaw ponies.

So I called the guy. He was doing some tractor work and couldn’t get away but he gave me the name and phone number of a lady who was doing the research on the Choctaw ponies and actually had several of the ponies on her ranch.


So I called the lady. She gave me her address and invited us to come right over.
Our wanderings often end like this, we meet really nice people and gain valuable information about something to photograph.

We made two visits to her ranch and was able to get the following photos.

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