Bluebird nesting project

Nesting was a mess this year, our first year to have Bluebird nesting boxes. When it got warm in April the birds started to build in the boxes. But, some large animal went by the boxes and knocked a couple down and broke another. So I rebuilt the boxes with a different way to mount them, Success.

Blue Bird Nest Eggs

Western Bluebird nest: Neat, fairly deep cup shaped, woven nest of fine grass, routinely add ribbons, cellophane, feathers, thin bark and leaves to their nest. Eggs light blue.

Then it got cold and a little rain stopped their nesting plans. I cleaned out the boxes before leaving for Yellowstone in May.

When I returned May 30th I found that there are 3 boxes with full nests, one box with half a nest and one box with no nest. The no nest box is the only box that has an easterly facing orientation.

One box with nest and eggs has been abandoned. One box with eggs is being incubated by the female and attended to by the male. There are Bluebirds in the area that must have found other nesting sites but I haven’t found those sites.

Blue Bird Nest

Yes, she got all that into the nesting box and much more.

So now, I’m off to Texas for a couple of weeks. I think the Bluebirds can take care of them selves.