Autumn in Yellowstone – Charlie’s Corner


For me, autumn means another trip to Yellowstone.  I leave on September 20, 2015.  This year’s trip will mark my 22nd trip to Yellowstone.  My first time in Yellowstone was in October of 2003.  My trips are always spring and autumn except one year I went in February too.

So, what is the draw for me to go to Yellowstone so many times you ask?  Simply, the abundance of animals and birds.  Since growing up on a ranch in the Sacramento Valley I have always spent my recreation time in the outdoors.  These days I load up my camera gear and head out every chance I get but autumn is for Yellowstone.

In the autumn, the animals are more regal looking in their head dress and winter coats.  The young born this year will be full of energy and bouncing around not suspecting what lays ahead in the cold winter of Yellowstone.  Animals that hibernate will be looking for food that is easy to eat not wanting to spend valuable energy working hard for a meal.  Two of the much sought after foods that the bears eat at this time are berries and White Bark Pine cones.

In some dense berry thickets, a bear can spend all day without moving more than a few yards like the Black Bear in the photo eating Hawthorn berries.

This is why I love – Yellowstone in autumn.  Charlie