2019 Bluebird Nesting Box Report

We had a very blustery winter this year with rain and wind well into Spring. I did add two more nesting boxes so there were seven for the Bluebirds to use.

I was gone much of of the spring into August so I did not monitor the bird activity this year. One box was populated by Tree Swallows. One box was not used at all. So five nesting boxes had Bluebird activity.

We had 1 boxe unused,1 box with a nest but no eggs, 1 box with 5 eggs but abandoned and 1 box with 5 eggs that fledged 4 chicks. 1 box with 5 eggs that hatched only two eggs.

That gave us 6 new Bluebirds for the ranch. Not great but it is a contribution for the future of the Bluebirds.

All Photos by Charlie Hernandez taken at Arriba Vista Ranch